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Voyage with a Dragon

"A powerful visual documentary that confirms that there can be, and that there is, a life of quality after cancer. I would strongly encourage all cancer patients and their families and cancer care professionals to view this. An invaluable addition to our patient resource centre."

- Dr S.W. Kumar, Head of Department of Oncology,

Health Sciences Corporation, NB. Canada


"One of the things I thought wouldn't bother me was losing my hair, but the first few days after my treatment started, when the hair started to fall out, I got a bit upset about it and thought, "To heck with this." Called my hair dresser... it was the last appointment of the day for her. She just shaved the rest of it off and it was smooth sailing after that, in terms of how I looked.

"My daughter Kelley lived in Halifax-Dartmouth, and she had come down to watch the [dragon boat] race. As I got off the boat with this great big grin on my face, she's standing there absolutely sobbing, with tears rolling down her face, and I'm thinking there's something wrong. I go over to give her a hug and she hugs me and says, 'Oh, Mum. Up until now, I never really believed that you were truly well.'"

- Mary Eliza Humphries

"My husband had a heart attack this summer.... Three days later was the day we were putting the dragon boat into the water.... It took me away from that space, that scary space that I was at with my husband and his situation. The dragon boat just transported me again."

- Vivian Medley-Mark

"There are no words that are needed. You understand one another's situation and can empathize. Even amongst our close friends and family, I think we're more open with one another in certain areas than we ever would be with them."

- Carolyn McLaughlin

"What is experienced by women who have been on a dragon boat team is a mental paradigm shift, a spiritual shift, really, whereby life can never be the same again. You have overcome the dragon symbolically and in reality."

- Dr Sally Kydd


"Meet the Team"

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